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As the next in line to be the leader of the Sheppard Dogs, Puffball has a lot on her plate. Puffball is a Feathered Sheep and friends with the Levin, Viola Wooddust, Cassidy and Light Note.  She is a natural leader. She goes to the Magical School for Non-magical Creatures.  She lives in Prismia Falls. She doesn’t like loud noises and is an introvert.  She cares for her friends deeply.  She is quiet and serious and loves to read. Her best friend is Viola Wooddust.

 Despite the fact she is a future princess, she gets teased a lot because of her lanky legs and body. She is sick and tired of the teasing and wants to prove she can be a good leader.

Her magic is linked to her magical staff which has a crystal on the end. It allows her to cast crystal magic.  Crystal magic is very powerful form of magic.  

Her goal is to become the next leader of the Sheppard Dogs.  The current leader is Prince Mystery Star who is the Prince of Prismia Falls and Puffball’s father.  

What are the Sheppard Dogs?  They are the guards and protectors of Prismia Falls.

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