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Dodgeloosa Junction

Before the town was built, the area was a vast desert. The indigenous creatures who lived there were the Sparrow Hares, Coyote Hawks and Feathered Cows.  

A small group of Earth Ponies, traveling in a wagon train were looking for the perfect place to live. They were originally from a small, little place called Mystic Village.


After travelling for a few months, some of the Earth ponies fell ill. A small group of volunteers set out to search for help.  They met up with the indigenous creatures living near Sunset Canyons. They helped the sick Earth Ponies get better.  The leader of the Earth Ponies, Bramble Spade, asked the locals if there was any available land for the Earth Ponies to settle and build a town.  They showed them an area which would become Dodgeloosa Junction. The locals began to interact and trade with the Earth Ponies and soon a vibrant and inclusive community grew into today's Dodgaloosa Junction.

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Sunlit Woods

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The Lands of Aurora Centori

Prismia Falls

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