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Light Note's Journal

Hi, I'm Light Note.  I'm an Aurora Pony that lives in Dodgaloosa Junction. One of my good friends from the Magical School for Non-magical Creatures is Cassidy.  My closest and best friend is Judi Spades who lives in Dodgeloosa Junction.

My mom works in Dodgeloosa Junction selling teas.  I love to play the piano. I usually play at the Tavern, where Cassidy's mom, Apache, sings.  I love playing swing and country music, or anything fun or upbeat.


The crazy thing is that I don't like crowds, but I want to be a musician and a singer.  I am actually kind of shy and a bit nervous around people, but when I'm on the stage it's all about the music and I forget about the people and play! 


I do have some friends I feel relaxed around.  I'll never be the life of the party, but I have fun with them.  Cassidy, Levin, Light Note, Puffball and Viola are all my pals from school.  We each are learning to control the magic that was given to us.  Mine is found in a magical stone that allows me to cast fire magic.  I'm is still trying to learn to control it.  When I get nervous, I sometimes  have some small little accidents. But I'm getting better!

My favorite dish is a dandelion sandwich with petunias.  I'm a vegetarian. 

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