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"Does anyone really know another's true nature?" is one of Levin's favorite quotes.


Levin is a sparrow hare that lives in Dodgaloosa Junction.  He also goes to the Magical School for Non-magical Creatures.  He wants to learn to use astrological magic which summons stars and other things from the cosmos.

Levin is in his mid-twenties and friends with Cassidy and Light Note.  His parents are Catus Rose and Prickle Root.  They do plant magic and are professors at the school. Levin has a lot of siblings. 

He is cocky, a bit arrogant, talkative, the life of the party, charismatic and likes to be the center of attention.  He is your typical greaser type.  His hobby is doing tricks with a ball. His favorite food is veggie casserole.  

He gets into trouble a lot.  He like to push the envelope.  Hopefully, he will learn from his mistakes and try and become a better person.  

He is a sharp dresser.  His hat is custom made for him.  The staff is used for casting spells.  He can cast Star Magic, a strong, more evolved magic. He is apprenticing with a Coyote Hawk Shaman named Star Dust.

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