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Dodgeloosa Junction


Majority make and sell, jewelry, blacksmith, baked goods, clothing shops – retail, some manufacturing of the goods that they sell.  Two story tavern that has an Inn.  The Tavern and Woven goods Shop and Fashion design place popular

Earth Ponies, Sparrow Hares, Feathered Cows and Coyote Hawks.  Indigenous people settled into the town as well.  They all live in harmony and peace. No land disputes.

A Typical Day
Cassidy’s day she goes away to school lives in dorms in Mystic Village.  She stays on campus during the school year to learn magic. Cassidy is a young calf.  Teenager to early twenties.
Dakota is a weaver in Dodgaloosa Junction.  Typical day opens her shop. Takes special orders for clothing designs.  She has a loom. She has 3 kids; an older son and daughter Aloosa and Bruto and a younger daughter named Shelby.  They help her around the shop.  They are homeschooled.
How do you get into the school of magic for non-magical creatures.  Have to apply and audition

Spring and Summer pretty warm similar to Arizona.   50-70s.  Winter 30-40’s

structures mad out of wood or metal 1 – 2 story buildings. Some have electricity some use oil lanterns.  Lamp posts oil-based lanterns.

Wagons, carriage or by train.  Who pulls the wagons and carriages?  Feathered Cows or Earth Ponies.  Carriage Tours to learn about Dogalossa Junction.  An earth Pony would pull the carriage and narrate the tour of the town. In the game we can have visitors take a tour of the town before beginning the games 

Type of government
There is a small family that runs the town.  A old Mare that is the mayor and is also a librarian and historian who has 2 daughters that are the Sheriff and deputy of the town.  Is there crime?  Yes, there are outsiders that are trying to get into the town.  They have a small group of rangers called Desert Strikers.  They protect the outer boarders of Dogalossa Junction from Dragons.  Why do they want to get into Dodgaloosa Junction? To steel the gold and jewelry.  There is gem and gold mining surrounding Dodgaloosa Junction in the surrounding canyons where they have gems, crystal and gold mines.  One miner is a stallion called Jewel Breaker.  Smokestack mines for coal.  Protection need from outside.  No issues within town.

What do they do for fun?
During the summer time when it gets too hot, go to the rivers and ponds of Dodgaloosa Junction to cool off and have small pool parties.  Another event is a Fall event where they have a bunch of games and activities like steep chasing, pie baking contest, dunking booth,  Carnival Games and have clown performers.  It’s their Founders Day Celebration and Thanksgiving Celebration.  It’s their major holiday.
They also hike through the forest and canyons of Dodgaloosa Junction.  They go to the Tavern for concerts like the Hoop Dee Doo.  During the Harvest Festival, Dakota gathers the kids and tells them stories, using her quilts to illustrate them.

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