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Cassidy comes from a long line of feathered cows who have been entertaining the inhabitants of Dodgeloosa Junction for centuries. She is outgoing and friendly.  She is really into entomology which is the study of bugs. She has been able to make friends with some bugs.  She wants to become an entomologist.  She is still a student and attends the Magical School for Non-magical Creatures.  She can do a little bit of magic. The magical stone on her cloak allows her to communicate with insects and also allows her to shape shift into an insect.


As a feathered cow, she can fly. Not much is known about her father, but her mother, Apache, who is also known by her stage name Nightingale, is a singer at the Tavern in town. She is an only child and lives with her mom when she is not at school.  She likes to play different kinds of games with her friends.  Her insect friends give her ideas for unique games to play. She has an outgoing personality and is happy and fun to be around.

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